Zooey Seraphine Ibarra

Sound & Mindfulness Sound Bath Sessions to Reduce Stress, Enhance Clarity, & Find Peace.

Live from her home meditation studio, Zooey Seraphine will guide you and your team into a session of deep relaxation through the sounds of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and other sound therapy instruments.

Let your stress melt away with the sounds of ethereal, ambient instruments along with her gentle guidance, so you can press the reset button on your mind, body, and spirit easily & effortlessly.

Meditative states have been shown to help bring clarity of mind, increased focus, enhanced productivity, and all the benefits of triggering the body’s relaxation response (lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, reduced tension & feelings of anxiousness, etc.).

But you don’t have to be practiced at meditation to be able to quiet your mind. Find yourself quickly achieving the benefits of meditative states with these beautiful guided 1-hour Sound Baths.

Each Sound Bath is recorded, so you can receive the benefits, again and again. Or sign up on a weekly or monthly basis for new, unique sound meditations as a regular part of your stress management plan, and to help you invite more peace, clarity, & emotional freedom into your life.

My Background

Zooey Seraphine is a professional sound therapist, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. A lifelong musician, Zooey Seraphine discovered the power of music to help her cope with anxiety and transform trauma from a very early age.

She received her Master’s in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Applied Anthropology and has also trained extensively in meditation techniques, dream therapy, CORE transformation, and other experiential therapies. For the past 3 years, she has seen hundreds of sound therapy clients, in groups and one-on-one sessions, getting to share the amazing benefits of sound to relax the body, free the mind from limiting cycles, and unlock one's true potential.

Her method of Sound Therapy, combines NLP tools, guided meditation, and yoga nada (the yoga of sound) to help her clients achieve lasting peace and emotional transformation.

What Team Members Should Bring

Internet Connection
Computer, Phone or Tablet
yoga mat/thai mat, blanket, or comfortable mat to lay down on.
pillow for your head
pillow or bolster to place under your knees, if you are laying down on the floor (this helps to loosen the pressure on your hips)
eye pillow (a small towel, or your favorite eye mask, to block out visual distraction)
stereo headphones (for the best sound experience)

The Setup For the Virtual Session

In Zooey's beautiful meditation home studio, you'll get to watch her wield the sounds of beautiful crystal & tibetan singing bowls, crystal pyramid, koshi chimes, and more sound treasures, as she guides you on your meditative journey. Of course, to receive the greatest benefit, she recommends that you allow your eyes to close and place a comfortable weight, eye pillow, or eye mask, to deepen your inner experience.

Seshie Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Building and Camaraderie

Communication and Trust

Kindness and Empathy

Learning Something New

Cancellation Policy

As a customer if you cancel 48 hours after you have booked a session with a guide you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel before the 48 hours you receive your full refund. Customers also receive full refunds whenever a guide cancels

How to Experience Seshie

Please make sure you and your team members have Zoom downloaded. After you book a seshie in the confirmation email you will receive details providing the Zoom link and password information.