Katelyn Liepins

Tape Art: Playing with Lines

Live from her in-home studio, Katelyn Liepins will introduce you to her world as an artist and show you how she creates her bold and eye-catching tape art works. Perfect for any level of creativity, Liepins will guide you through ideas on how to successfully create your own masterpiece for you to hang in your home or office.

Receive the benefits of engaging in art making such as:
– stress relief
– increased focus
– & a boost in self-esteem

Who knows, after your Seshie this new way of expressing yourself might just stick (pun intended)!

My Background

Katelyn Liepins has been working with lines and how they can exist beyond the traditional drawing form for the past few years. She is constantly challenging what is a drawing and how can it exist in multiple mediums, her favorite being tape. Coming from a family of architects, she is attracted to the sharp crisp lines within a space and uses them consistently within her art. By using line, she likes to draw the viewer’s focus to a particular area of the space or to point out architectural elements that are typically overlooked. For example, the way the wall meets the floor, or how the corners of a room interact with one another. Katelyn creates large-scale installations as well as smaller representations of these demarcations.

What Team Members Should Bring

Internet Connection
Computer, Phone or Tablet
Ruler (Optional)
Materials in My Supply Kit

The Setup For the Virtual Session

Our artistic adventure will take place in Katelyn's home studio in New Jersey. With a double camera set-up, you'll never miss a detail! You'll also be one of the first to get a sneak peak at some of her current works in progress.

Seshie Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Building and Camaraderie

Communication and Trust

Kindness and Empathy

Learning Something New

Cancellation Policy

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How to Experience Seshie

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