Julie Allison, CZT

Art of Zentangle, elegant pattern drawing taught one stroke at a time

Zentangle brings individuals and teams together as participants create art through repetitive strokes, drawing elegant patterns which have been reverse-engineered into simple steps. These non-directional pieces of art are taught one stroke at a time. This is an art form where there are no mistakes and puts artists and non-artists on a level playing field. This unique team-building and wellness Seshie inspires creativity, mindfulness, focus, relaxation and fun.

In a virtual world where participants are physically separated, Zentangle can be used to show individuality in problem-solving, yet all meeting the requirements of the task collectively, inspiring critical thinking and problem-solving along the way.

In a physical group setting, these pieces of art may be passed around with participants sharing their work at the end of each patterned section, passing it on to another team member to continue the next step, emphasizing team work, whilst individually working within the parameters of the project to meet the end goal.

At the end of the session all participants share their finished art, a mosaic of creativity, with each being so different from the next! So many ways to meet the desired end goal!

With so many analogies to work and life, Zentangle can be used as a great morale booster, ice-breaker, social event, team building exercise, or for sheer enjoyment and personal relaxation.

“The beauty is in the journey, the art the destination”~ Julie Allison, CZT

(Ask me about seshies for groups for more than 30 attendees as well as follow-on seshies for your Company’s weekly or monthly meetings! Once you have supply kits for your group, there are so many Seshie options with no additional kit purchase needed.)

My Background

Designer, artist & Certified Zentangle Teacher

The foundation of Julie's love of design and patterns started with being exposed to architecture and art from around the world. Being from England but having lived in South Africa, Japan and now finding her home in Maryland, Julie draws inspiration from the rich and varied cultures she has encountered and studies those of countries she has not yet had opportunity to visit. Couple that with her formal training in interior design and architecture, Julie was drawn to Zentangle due to the visual texture of these patterns, called tangles. She calls herself a visual-tactile artist, with the patterns on paper almost demanding to be touched!

Zentangle has provided Julie the opportunity to teach Recovering Military Service men and women for healing and pain relief, Veterans, school children in accelerated as well as developmentally disadvantaged programs, businesses of all sizes, wineries, colleges, senior centers and private events small and large.

With all the art forms Julie has experience in, from watercolor, oil and acrylic painting to working in clay and concrete, Zentangle is the one art form that ties all of them together, affording the opportunity to apply the tangles to enhance these.

Zentangle is also a very mindful experience and this is a practice Julie takes on at full steam, bringing harmony to herself and those she teaches. Harmony Inspired Art is not just the name of a business.... it is how she chooses to live and what she strives to share with others.

"The beauty is in the journey, the art the destination."

~ Julie Allison, Certified Zentangle Teacher

What Team Members Should Bring

Internet Connection
Computer, Phone or Tablet
Zentangle kits which should be purchased as a separate Addon item
Sense of fun and intrigue!

The Setup For the Virtual Session

Elmo document camera & laptop. At the start of sessions I use a laptop camera to introduce myself, then move to desktop view only to maximize view as this is an intricate line drawing exercise.

Participants are muted but are welcome to unmute during session to ask questions or comment.

Sessions are conducted from my private art studio.

Seshie Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Building and Camaraderie

Communication and Trust

Kindness and Empathy

Learning Something New


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Cancellation Policy

As a customer if you cancel 48 hours after you have booked a session with a guide you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel before the 48 hours you receive your full refund. Customers also receive full refunds whenever a guide cancels

How to Experience Seshie

Please make sure you and your team members have Zoom downloaded. After you book a seshie in the confirmation email you will receive details providing the Zoom link and password information.