Drunk Yoga® Events

Lift Your Spirit(s)™ with our community-building events. #namasteresponsibly


At Drunk Yoga®, we’re all about connecting communities and cultivating joy through fun, inclusive yoga experiences…now remotely!

So…what’s “drunk” about Drunk Yoga®? Only the way in which we “intoxicate” the convention of a traditional yoga practice by making our events social and interactive for community-building. We do this by infusing uplifting games and icebreakers into our beginner-friendly yoga classes with beverage in-hand—often wine, sometimes juice or coffee, and always fun. We invite you to let your hair down and enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual. #namasteresponsibly

My Background

Hi there! I'm Eli Walker, Founder/CEO of Drunk Yoga®.

After graduating with a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, it wasn’t long before my passion for using storytelling as a tool to cultivate joy in community led me to the art of teaching yoga.

I’ve been teaching “sober yoga” classes, my signature Divine Your Story™ workshops, private clients and retreats across the globe as a 500 RYT certified instructor since 2014.

My Drunk Yoga® revolution sprang from, first and foremost, my dissatisfaction with the exclusivity in mainstream yoga culture that prevents many would-be yogis from ever trying the practice for fear of intimidation. Secondly, as a teacher, I was exhausted by the militaristic, individualist and—if I may be so bold to say—patriarchal nature of many yoga classes that foster environments ripe for competition and isolation as a result of misplaced spiritual dogma.

So, identifying a need in our increasingly lonely society for a wellness methodology that functions as a spirit-lifter and community-unifier, I decided to marry my affinity for interactive, experimental theater with my desire to bring yoga as a tool for self-empowerment to those too timid to try in a conventional setting.

At Drunk Yoga®, we ditch perfectionism and take the pressure out of the practice by turning yoga into a party. My greatest hope is that you leave our experiences feeling inspired to uplift others, and intoxicated with joy.

What Team Members Should Bring

Internet Connection
Computer, Phone or Tablet
Yoga Mat (or decent carpet space!)
A stemless beverage glass filled with something that makes you happy;)
Clothes you can move in
Second device to play our custom playlist via Spotify (*must download the app in advance!)

The Setup For the Virtual Session

Hi there!

Thanks so much for choosing Drunk Yoga® for your next corporate team-building experience. We can't wait to 'yoga-party' with you!

One of our Pro-Spirit(s)-Lifters will be Zoom-ing in from their home or yoga studio. You'll see us nice n' bright because we all have our own ring lights, and we situate our yoga mats in such a way that you can see us demonstrate all the poses--(That's right! We're totally beginner-friendly over here!)

If you have any questions about our set-up, don't hesitate to ask. Go ahead and message us directly or shoot us an email at and one of our team members will respond within 24 hours.

Thanks again!
-DY Team

Seshie Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Building and Camaraderie

Communication and Trust

Kindness and Empathy

Learning Something New

Cancellation Policy

As a customer if you cancel 48 hours after you have booked a session with a guide you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel before the 48 hours you receive your full refund. Customers also receive full refunds whenever a guide cancels

How to Experience Seshie

Please make sure you and your team members have Zoom downloaded. After you book a seshie in the confirmation email you will receive details providing the Zoom link and password information.