Boyd Varty

A Lion Tracker's Guide to High Performance Teams

TRACK YOUR LIFE is a storytelling presentation that will take you into the African wilderness with the best animal trackers in the world. Learn the process of tracking and then use the lessons of this ancient art form to begin to track the subtle signs that are guiding your organization to its meaning, purpose and passion.

In this talk tracker, coach and storyteller Boyd Varty, who grew up in the African wilderness, will teach you how to find the “track” of your own vocation. You will journey into a new landscape, have encounters with creatures and discover an ancient process that will give you a new perspectives and tools to begin to track your right life. It will teach attendees to develop the “energy state” needed to be an effective leader, decision maker and creator. Tracking is an excellent modality for finding a new direction in your business and teams. It will take you into greater performance and into a more joyful medium.

The talk will connect organizations, teams and individuals with a set of tracker tools, and the power of the tracker within. Boyd brings you into a new awareness about how to find what you are looking for in your life right now.

Best suited for groups of up to 30 people as a 60 minute session split between storytelling and Q/A sessions. Larger group sizes possible but with a greater focus on storytelling from the African wilderness. For teams wanting to create high performance.

Boyd’s second talk reveals one of the most ancient lessons from Africa – Ubuntu: I am because of you. It is more relevant today than ever before. Boyd Varty uses the traditional medium of African storytelling to introduce his audience to a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Ubuntu.

The talk leads you in discovering how people- and in fact the whole natural world- can help us to deepen our own humanity. Boyd’s talk shares stories of his time with Nelson Mandela, his experiences in the African bush with his friend and tracker Solly Mhlongo, as well as other encounters at the world renowned Londolozi Game Reserve. The talk offers a vision for a more collective society together with tools for modern day village building. It will show you how to create belonging in our teams and within our natural environment.

Best suited for groups of up to 30 people as a 60 minute session split between storytelling and Q/A sessions. Larger group sizes possible but with a greater focus on storytelling. For teams wanting to create more connection through understanding our shared humanity.

My Background

Having spent his life in apprenticeship to the natural world, he now works to bring what he’s learned to a wide audience. Boyd’s unique combination of wisdom, humour and spirituality makes him a captivating speaker. He keeps diverse audiences in rapt attention and gales of laughter and leaves them moved.

A wildlife and literacy activist Boyd, author of the memoir Cathedral of the Wild and the Lion Tracker's Guide to Life, had an unconventional upbringing. Born to a family of conservationists, Boyd grew up on Londolozi Game Reserve in the South African wilderness, a place where man and nature strive for balance, where perils exist alongside wonders. Founded more than 90 years ago as a hunting ground, Londolozi was transformed into a nature reserve beginning in 1973 by Varty’s father and uncle, visionaries of the restoration movement. But it wasn’t just a sanctuary for the animals; it was also a place for ravaged land to flourish again and for the human spirit to be restored. When Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years of imprisonment, he came to the reserve to recover.

Since childhood, Boyd shared his home with lions, leopards, snakes, and elephants and has spent his life in apprenticeship to the wisdom of nature. Boyd survived a harrowing black mamba encounter, a debilitating bout with malaria, even a vicious crocodile attack, but his biggest challenge was a personal crisis of purpose. As a university student, he studied psychology and ecology, supplementing his education by learning martial arts in Thailand, hiking through the jungles of the Amazon, and apprenticing to a renowned tracker from the Shangaan tribe deepening his intimate knowledge of the natural world. Boyd grew up speaking the local language and learning the true meaning of coexistence between people and with nature.

Boyd continues to, like a tracker, follow unconventional pathways. He has worked intensively over the past 7 years in ceremonial spaces as an apprentice to a Peruvian shaman while generating his own system of coaching called “track your life” with draws lessons from the ancient art form of tracking to help people find more meaning, purpose and motivation. At the core of his work is the impulse of life towards healing, wholeness and wildness. He works in both the USA and South Africa to connect people to nature and to their own true inner nature.

Boyd is a gifted storyteller, an author, life coach and a TED speaker. Having spent his life in apprenticeship to the natural world, he now brings what he’s learned to a wider audience. Boyd has discovered that the art of tracking is a powerful metaphor that will help organisations, teams and individuals think about adapting to change in modern life.

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The session is delivered live from my bungalow deep in the heart of the African wilderness at Londolozi Game Reserve. Camera setup at sitting height with the session delivered as though we are sitting around the campfire. Presentation slides and media are used at times during the presentation to provide context.

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