Everything You Need to Know about Propagating Plants

The thing that got me excited about bringing plants into my home when I first started was propagation. Being able to take a cutting from one plant, place it in water, watch as the root system develops and then pot it in soil to make a new plant is the best way to start your journey in greenery. Propagation teaches you so much about care, bonding, and patience when it comes to your plants.

This experience will start with me talking about my background and my personal journey and passion for greenery. I will then lead the class through the proper steps for propagating indoor houseplants. This won’t included outdoor gardening or edible plants. Through show and tell, I will introduce you to various types of plants–from fiddle leaf figs to monsteras, succulents and cacti–and the best ways to cut them. We will then discuss what vessels work best to place them in, the water needed and how often to refresh or replace that water. Then we’ll talk about how to transition the cutting from water to soil once the roots have developed.

Lastly we will end with a Q&A to cover anything that might have been missed during the class.

My Background

Over the past six years, I've been filling my home with plants and teaching myself how to blur the line of indoor and outdoor. In 2017, I started creating video content on how to care for plants. I share weekly care tips as the "Plant Doctor" for Apartment Therapy. In the same year, I started traveling around the US to host plant care workshops and still do so today (when we're not in quarantine). In 2018, I wrote my first book on plant care and plant styling titled Wild at Home and this spring I released my latest book, Wild Interiors.

What Team Members Should Bring

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The Setup For the Virtual Session

During this experience, you'll find me at home in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. I'll be leading the experience from my workstation/hallway of my home, where behind me you'll see my DIY living wall, full of 66 plant cuttings. When you click the link in your confirmation email and join, please make sure your audio and video are on so you can ask questions along the way.

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