Asif Sultani

Growing through hardship with Asif Sultani

With the help of personal pictures and stories, I will take you through the journey of my life, from fleeing my homeland due to persecution and war to arriving in Australia by boat and creating a life for myself. Throughout my life I have endured traumatic experiences that I was able to survive with a resilient mindset. I want to talk to you about these experiences and share how you too could practice and integrate resilience into your life. After surviving my journey as a refugee, I have since taught myself to thrive by letting go of all fear of failure and allowing my faith to be stronger than my fear. I want to share the power of this mindfulness with you. Towards the end of the session I will guide you through a brief meditation that has helped me perform both physically and mentally. The meditation will be centered around empowerment, to manifest your goals and leave you feeling inspired. I will then open up any remaining time for a Q and A.

My Background

I am an IOC Refugee Scholarship holder for the Tokyo Olympics, where I hope to compete in Karate. Originally from Afghanistan, I fled to Iran due to ongoing conflict and war when I was young. I stayed there until I was 16, during which time I was persecuted because of my ethnicity. Due to the need to protect myself, I began learning and developing a passion for Martial Arts. Around 8 years ago, I fled to Australia as an asylum seeker by boat. I have since been granted Refugee status. When I am not training for Tokyo, I work as a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Disability Support Worker. By sharing my journey as a refugee as well as mindfulness exercises, I hope to inspire and empower people to become the best versions of themselves.

What Team Members Should Bring

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The Setup For the Virtual Session

This session will be filmed from my desk in my home. Natural and/or artificial lighting will be used depending on the time of day and weather conditions. I will be using my laptop, with a secure internet connection.

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